Bringing an SmPC to life through Immersive Media

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The summary of product characteristics (SmPC) for a pharmaceutical product is a legal document full of important facts and information but not known for its literary flair. Neither is it the sort of thing you would take to bed for a relaxing hour or two. If you were to take a straw poll of biopharmaceutical marketing and medical staff, you would probably find that it was voted one of the most boring documents in existence. And yet it is legally essential and indispensable to anyone seeking hard facts about a medicine.

When one of our clients, a highly successful biotech company, asked us to use technology to make their SmPC ‘really interesting’ we leapt at the chance !

We used immersive VR technology and CGI to explain the procedure required to make a definitive diagnosis.

We used this VR approach with highly realistic imagery to show the tests needed before administering the drug.

And we explained the various categories of side-effects to be expected:

Together with visual examples of the most common side-effects and how to manage them.

We included key information from all sections of the SmPC – all accompanied with attractive sound and vision ! Explanatory voiceovers were provided along with short and snappy visuals. 

People who have watched it say that the overall VR experience is enjoyable and informative. It can be viewed in full-immersion mode through a VR headset or simply watched on phone or PC. 

If you think that there are people who ought to see your SmPC but who may find it too tedious to read the leaflet, give us a call (

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