Empathetic Media Health creates stories that immerse you in unexplored worlds with otherwise unattainable perspectives. VR uses computer-generated three-dimensional imagery at room-scale to create interactive environments that can be explored using stereoscopic head mounted displays (HMDs).

We are a one-stop shop for researching, producing and delivering publishable VR and 360 video experiences to a wide range of platforms. We have extensive experience shooting 360 video from Bangladesh to Colombia (with the US in the middle) that is easily published to Facebook and Youtube. Distribution channels include Oculus, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive and native mobile applications.

Chronic Refractory Cough

We designed and developed a VR experience and video to showcase the mechanism of action of our client’s Phase II developmental medicine for refractory chronic cough, transporting the user to the microscopic level of neurones and epithelial cells so they could witness the process first-hand.

The challenge was to demonstrate the novel mechanism of action in an exciting and engaging way. The science was ground-breaking and so we were creating concepts and images which were, in many cases, completely new.

The resulting 360 video explained and demonstrated the relevant central and peripheral neurophysiology and neuropharmacology using imagery and sound which will be remembered long after viewing.

As part of a multi-platform approach, we designed a version for a mobile VR headset, a desktop-based VR experience, as well as a guided 2D version to ensure optimum access to the materials across a broad range of audiences.

Quote from the client Global Commercial Lead:

“The team at Empathetic Media are great to work with. Their team understands the science of our product and bring a creative aspect that we needed to tell our story. As a global team we needed them to be flexible enough to work across regions and they did that very well delivering a quality disease state video that we can use in all major markets.”

interactive SMPC experience

We were tasked with the challenge of making the traditionally long-form Summary of Product Characteristics into a compelling, immersive experience. We worked with the client to showcase their clinical data, side effect management, dosage and administration as well as industry guidelines into a captivating virtual reality experience that could be embedded on their website, browsable by chapters.

Additional plans for the experience are to incorporate a fully interactive testing platform featuring a multiple-choice interface that can provide users with granular feedback and a performance score based on their responses and response time.


This cutting-edge, interactive, immersive VR learning experience was designed to educate patients, journalists and the general public on a complex topic – gene therapy – in an innovative, informative and above all, compelling way. It was built to strengthen our client’s positioning as a leader and pioneer in the new and emerging field of gene therapy.

The goal of the programme was to introduce users to the new and exciting world of gene therapy. Once regarded as ‘science fiction’, and something in the far-off future, gene therapy is very much here and now, and this learning experience was created to provide users with a fun, immersive and interactive way to learn about this ground breaking technology, and make the audience understand the science behind it. User experience is engaging and enjoyable with an underlying scientific narrative that is simple and compelling, that leads to excellent recall.

The experience is the world’s first mobile, interactive VR gene therapy learning experience designed for the Oculus Quest 2. Subsequent upgrades included additional localization to include 5 extra languages, all changeable at runtime, as well as fully controller-less hand tracking.