A cutting-edge AR application aimed at integrating computer vision and machine learning techniques into a mobile solution. The goal of the proof of concept was to walk users through the process of taking multiple images from multiple angles of their faces in order to output a 3D photogrammetry mesh. AI prompts were integrated into the solution to advise users when they needed to make adjustments to their angle, lighting, or distance from the camera.

The alpha app was delivered to a diverse population of user testers and their feedback integrated into the final build.


A VR still from a doctor building a patient inside of VR

A cutting-edge prototype designed from the ground up integrating micro-sensors, conductive materials and a custom algorithim to detect the angle, speed, depth and positioning of a real syringe when injecting five sensitive areas on the face.

Built for the Hololens 2, the device presented a layered, full rigged and animated series of avatar faces on top of a latex model that gave mixed reality users the chance to render certain layers invisible (shown left) in order to better understand and accomplish their goal.  Never before has real-world hardware as delicate as a syringe been paired with a cutting-edge mixed reality headset to provide users with sub-millimetre accuracy and real-time feedback.

holoshare: An augmented remote presentation tool

Holoshare was designed and implemented in direct response to the pandemic, when remote video calls became commonplace. We wanted to distinguish our clients' offerings without falling into the trap of monotonous powerpoint presentations that only diverted users' attentions away from the speaker.

Holoshare allows a speaker to maintain direct eye contact with their audience while empowering them to embed 3D content, video or static images directly inside the most popular VOIP services such as Zoom, Teams or Skype. It only requires a simple piece of software installation on the part of the presenter - audiences simply tune into their video call as they would normally.

Holoshare incorporates face tracking via computer vision and allows users to tell immersive stories without the need for a headset.