Latest VR/AR Tech Developments

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The new Snapchat Spectacles uses an embedded camera with LED lights to record users’ experiences through their own eyes.
According to UploadVR, Snapchat isn’t the first company to  try to bring glasses of this kind to the market, but the Spectacles are unique for capturing circular video around a scene that can be sent directly to the phone app.

Microsoft might be a new leader in VR after it announced a new line of headsets that “take advantage of Windows 10’s VR and holographic capabilities.” Starting at $299, the technology is placed below higher price headsets such as the Oculus Rift, which costs about twice as much. One significant advancement is the inside-out tracking sensors, which means it does not need the external cameras or laser systems that are standard in many other headsets.

HTC Vive paper app

HTC Vive paper app

HTC’s new Vivepaper app allows users to view interactive content from publishers including Conde Nast. With a headset, users scan a physical AR booklet that accesses audio, 3D content, 360-degree video and other content, according to Engadget. The Vivepaper takes advantage of the Vive’s unique front-facing camera so users can still have a print publication in front of them while in this virtual space. “Users are able to ‘feel’ the content at hand rather than just view it on a screen,” wrote HTC.

At the WSJDLive Conference, Facebook demonstrated a “new camera technology that overlays famous artists’ styles onto your live videos.” Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox estimated that in the next five years, 70 percent of internet traffic will be video. The social media platform is focusing on live filters that provide an augmented reality experience.


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