Meet the new Meta Quest 3 Headset: A Bold Step Towards Mixed Reality

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Earlier this week, at the start of the annual Meta Connect developer conference, Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg revealed the details of the much-awaited Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset. Like previous versions of the headset, the Quest 3 will cover the wearer’s eyes like a pair of ski googles, with spatial audio piped from embedded speakers in the device’s … Read More

Literature Review: Defining (and measuring) Empathy


Here’s an excerpt from one of the earlier drafts of our white paper on the link between cinematic vr and empathy, published as a white paper by the Tow Institute. Read that paper here. The purpose of this post is to contextualize the study within the respective fields of VR and psychology, drawing on empathy research published in academic journals, … Read More

Global indigenous communities find their voices through new technology

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In 2016, activists around the country gathered at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which they said could have detrimental environmental consequences. While the most publicized depictions of the historical event were photos and videos of  protests between activists and police, The New York Times decided to create a 360-degree video … Read More

Celebrating Women in Tech

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When it comes to technological innovations, women have always been at the forefront. Ada Lovelace, the daughter of poet Lord Byron, is considered to be the world’s first computer programmer for recognizing that a computer could have applications past simple calculations back in the first part of the 19th century. During World War II, it was largely female engineers who pioneered … Read More

February VR/AR News #1: Tech updates, mixed reality and how VR is changing the art/music industries

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Featured Image: London-based startup Opto might be the first company to make quality mobile VR mainstream. According to Wareable, the company’s “Opto Air is made from a lightweight foam, offers built-in speakers plus a 100-degree field of view via double-aspheric lenses which Opto says are 25% bigger than rival mobile VR headsets.” Costing £98, the headset is a strong competitor for the Google Daydream … Read More

Life in Gawair: Entre Bastidores

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Hoy estamos orgullosos de anunciar el lanzamiento de la primera parte de nuestra proyecto #LifeinGawair con el apoyo del Centro de Periodismo Europeo y el equipo Planeta Futuro de El País, lo cual puedes leer aqui. A pesar del foco en los talleres de prendas que suministran una gran cantidad de la ropa barata a las cadenas populares, también queremos … Read More

December VR/AR News #2: Oculus Touch, Vive Studios and VR trends in 2017

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Storyboard VR is a new product from Artefact that according to Wired, makes creating VR experiences easier and accessible to a larger audience. “It doesn’t require any developer skills. The real pain point in the whole VR workflow is getting content positioned, spatialized, and sized correctly around you in multiple frames,” Paul Hoover, head of user experience design at Artefact, told … Read More

November VR/AR News #3: NASA, chord-free headsets and a new way to experience Google Earth

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For fun: Google Earth in VR. Listen to the product manager and engineering lead talk about the project. Apple is finally getting on the bandwagon and inserting augmented reality technology into the iPhone camera app, a source told Business Insider. According to Business Insider, “The effort, which involves teams from several acquired startups, reflects Apple’s near-term desire to put augmented reality technology … Read More

November VR/AR News #2: Google Daydream, Youtube in VR and a haptic chair

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Update: We’ve partnered with Bananatic to feature their indispensable guide to Virtual Reality: check it out here. The Merge VR remote might be the new competition for Google’s Daydream controller, which only works with a limited number of Android devices. The Verge reports that the Merge VR remote can work with Merge VR headsets as well as other headsets and non-VR … Read More

November VR/AR News #1: Hardware updates, Google Tango and tech in South Africa

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Most virtual reality headsets have one of two problems: either they are tethered to a computer, limiting the user’s mobility, or because they use smartphones, are too heavy. To combat this, Chinese hardware company Pico VR has come up with Pico Neo, a controller containing hardware to power a headset. According to The Verge, “By tethering the controller to an ultra-lightweight … Read More