To use the ARc Stories augmented reality app with the content below, you’ll need to download the app first! Find it here on iOS and here on Android

Once you’ve download it to your mobile device (tablets work too) then select the story and aim the device at the trigger images below to access the augmented reality content. Enjoy!

Any questions, get in touch info [at] empatheticmedia [d o t] com.

Migrants on the Margins Exhibition, October 1st at the Royal Geographic Society London









Graffigments (Graffiti + Augments)

First up is something more experimental we’re working on: a way of bringing public art to life. I did the sketch, the graffiti is from Zurich.

A Perilous Journey:

Stories from refugees produced in collaboration with Positive Negatives for an exhibition at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, April 2017.



Immersive Spaces of Memory/ Espacios Inmersivos de la Memoria

Produced in conjunction with the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in collaboration with the Center for Historic Memory in Colombia for a series of exhibitions around Colombia in September and October of 2017.